What is IKM?

The International Conference on the Applications of Computer Science and Mathematics in Architecture and Civil Engineering (IKM) has taken place regularly since 1961 and since 1969 in a three years cycle in Weimar.

The IKM offers participants from academia and industry an interdisciplinary platform for exchanging knowledge in their fields. Computer scientists, engineers, architects, and mathematicians from all over the world meet for an interdisciplinary and international exchange of experiences in Weimar - the town of German classics - to report on their results in research, development, and industrial applications.

The remarkable national and international resonance of the IKM is especially based on the fact that up to date trends of the scientific and technical development are bundled here.

History of IKM

Sergei L. Sobolev at the 4th IKM in 1967
The "International Conference on the Applications of Computer Science and Mathematics in Architecture and Civil Engineering" was founded by Prof. Matzke in 1961 and has continued the tradition of the College for Architecture and Civil Engineering Weimar for more than four decades. Already 15 international congresses have brought together scientists and practitioners from east and west, working in the field of computer-aided information processing.
Two decades later the 9th IKM took place in the "Weimarhalle". The field of participants was heterogeneous according to the various applications of computer science and mathematics at that time.
Prof. Dr. H. Matzke, founder of IKM (right) at the 9th IKM in 1981
Prof. Hampe at the 13th IKM in 1994
216 scientists from 19 countries took part in the 13th IKM in 1994.
The festive opening took place to honour the memory of Prof. Dr. phil. et rer. nat. habil. Horst Matzke, who was the founder and initiator of the 1st IKM in 1961 and a tireless organizer of 12 IKM conferences in Weimar. Prof. Matzke died in 1993.
At the 14th IKM in 1997 papers, accepted by an international programme committee, were published on CD for the first time and they were available in the internet.
Under the chairmanship of Prof. Hempel the organisers of the IKM 97 prepared Saturday-workshops with lecturers from important German companies in the building sector. In addition a software exhibition completed the three topics of the colloquium.
Prof. Dr. L. Hempel (left) and Prof. Dr. J. Babuska at the 14th IKM 1997
Minister Prof. Dr. D. Schipanski (left), chairman Prof. Dr. D. Donath (right) and rector Prof. Dr. G. Zimmermann at the 12th IKM 2000
The IKM 2000 and the 18th eCAADe conference (Education in Computer-Aided Architectural Design in Europe) took place together under the patronage of Prof. Dr. D. Schipanski, Minister of science, research and art in the Free State of Thuringia.
Round table discussions during the IKM 2000 dealt with consequences of modern technical development in computer industry.

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