Contributed Talk

Application of optimization in safe demolition of guyed masts

Abinet Kifle Habtemariam, Volkmar Zabel
Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar, Germany


Guyed antenna masts which are no longer used for their initially intended purpose due to various reason are usually demolished. The simplest way of demolishment is to cut some guy-cables such that the mast can fall into one direction. Due to the fact that guyed masts are extremely slender structures, they are prone to bending failure if the horizontal support by the guy-cables has been removed. This can lead to failure due to local buckling and uncontrolled falling behaviour of the structure. The contribution describes a case study how the failure mechanism can be influenced by a specific regime of cable-removal such that the failure can be controlled in a way that the precise collapse direction and regime can be predicted. By application of numerical optimization the safety can be considerably increased. In this study, one possible objective function is applied. The obtained results confirm its suitability in context with the specific problem which is verified by the simulated collapse.

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