Contributed Talk

Finite element modeling and experimental validation of catenary pole structures

Ingmar Stade, Peter Olney, Maher Deeb
Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar, Germany


This article presents the numerical modelling of a catenary pole structure and the experimental validation based on modal parameters. The experimentally investigated poles are located on a newly constructed high-speed railway track. They are prefabricated, prestressed and made out of spun concrete. Dynamic vibration tests using accelerometers were performed on 26 of these poles. The output-only Stochastic Subspace Identification method (SSI) was used to obtain the natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping coefficients. Different numerical models with varying degrees of detail were created and validated based on the modal parameters. For instance, different possibilities to simulate the impact of attached wire ropes were investigated. A good agreement between numerical and experimental results by the prediction of the response of a pole equipped with different sensors types under different load cases is shown.

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