Contributed Talk

Quality control of constructed models using 3D point clouds

Abd Albasset Almamou, Thomas Gebhardt, Sebastian Bock, Jörg Hildebrand, Willfried Schwarz
Bauhaus-Universitaet, Germany


Over the last decade, the technology of constructing buildings has been dramatically developed especially with the huge growth of CAD tools that help in modeling buildings, bridges, roads and other construction objects. Often quality control and size accuracy in the factory or on construction site are based on manual measurements of discrete points. These measured points of the realized object or a part of it will be compared with the points of the corresponding CAD model to see whether and where the construction element fits into the respective CAD model. This process is very complicated and difficult even when using modern measuring technology. This is due to the complicated shape of the components, the large amount of manually detected measured data and the high cost of manual processing of measured values. However, by using a modern 3D scanner one gets information of the whole constructed object and one can make a complete comparison against the CAD model. It gives an idea about quality of objects on the whole. In this paper, we present a case study of controlling the quality of measurement during the constructing phase of a steel bridge by using 3D point cloud technology. Preliminary results show that an early detection of mismatching between real element and CAD model could save a lot of time, efforts and obviously expenses.

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