Contributed Talk

Parametric geometric modeling in construction planning using industry foundation classes

Elena Ignatova1, Heiko Kirschke2, Eike Tauscher2, Kay Smarsly2
1MSUCE (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering), Russian Federation; 2Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar


One of the most promising and recent advances in computer-based planning is the transition from classical geometric modeling to building information modeling (BIM). Building information models support the representation, storage, and exchange of various information relevant to construction planning. This information can be used for describing, e.g., geometric/physical properties or costs of a building, for creating construction schedules, or for representing other characteristics of construction projects. Based on this information, plans and specifications as well as reports and presentations of a planned building can be created automatically. A fundamental principle of BIM is object parameterization, which allows specifying geometrical, numerical, algebraic and associative dependencies between objects contained in a building information model. In this paper, existing challenges of parametric modeling using the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) as a federated model for integrated planning are shown, and open research questions are discussed.

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